Retractable Clip 

The 9608-24RSS Retractable Clip was designed for the Nursing and Hospice Industry allowing your personal hand sanitizer bottle to be close at hand while being out of the way at the same time. Clips onto any belt or pocket. For use with the Purell 9650 Flip Cap 2oz and the 9651 Flip Cap 4oz Bottles and Microsan DEB805 bottles. Sold Separately. 

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Cost $68.64/Carton of 24 9608-24RSS clips   (In Stock Now)
Cost $44.97/Carton of 24 9650-24 2oz Flip Cap Bottles (Out of Stock) see XtraCare Page Cost $57.00/Carton of 24 9651-24 4oz Flip Cap Bottles (Out of Stock) see XtraCare Page