FREE Hand Sanitizer Program


Raycor Sanitary Solutions is now offering free Purell hand sanitizer at select Shopping Malls, Convention Centers, Medical Waiting Rooms and Hotels. Contact us to see if you qualify. Raycor Sanitary Solutions is a leading distributor for Purell products and is pleased to provide this sanitary service at no cost to the facility. Raycor will provide a gloss white dispenser stand a 15” LCD Digital Picture Frame a Purell Touchless Dispenser, plus free Maintenance and supply of Purell Hand Sanitizer.


In this information age it is crucial to have local services available to your patrons when they need them. Raycor Sanitary Solutions has the answer. We will install local service messages on the 15” LCD Digital Picture Frame so they are always available to your customers while they use the Purell Hand Sanitizer Station. This approach allows us to ensure for you, a constant supply of Hand Sanitizer FREE of charge for as long as our unit is on your premises.